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Hudson Bay with Desk

This is the Hudson Bay Murphy Bed. It is one of the simpler ways we put a desk on the front a Murphy Bed. The desk folds-up and locks into place. Where some of our designs fold into the inner frame or stays level, this one simply bolts on.

The Hudson Bay Face is characterized by the picture frame molding that is added to give the piece a door or cabinet look. The Hudson Bay normally have eight doors. Four equal size "false doors" at the top and Four "false door" on the bottom. Since we added the desk to it, we left the center section blank and moved the other two "false doors" out slightly.

To use the bed, you have to first clear off the desk. You fold the 53 x 43 desk up and onto the face panel. It latches into place and pull the bed down.

The lights will come on automatically due to a tilt switch on the bed. The lights have a three-stage touch dimmer to give you three settings and to turn them off.

When you're ready to regain your space or use the desk again, you simply lift the bed up, rotate the leg, close it up, open the latches, and now you have your office back.

For more information on this bed and others check out our website or visit our showroom and woodshop.

Showroom Location:

WWBeds Custom Furniture

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR 72118


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