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Alpine Murphy Bed with Desk

The Alpine Murphy Bed is something we have built before, but this time we added lots of customization. The Alpine is characterized by the four flat panel doors across the face. The changes come with the Outset lights, Stay-level desk and the bookcases on this sides.

The Murphy Bed Light System is controlled in two different places. There is a sensor in the center of the headboard and also on the side of one of the bookcases. Instead of having the lights inside the cabinet, we extended the top header to let these LED lights overhang the desk section. Now the lights can be used with either the bed or the desk.

The Murphy Bed bookcases are 24 inches wide and because of the outset lights, we were able to make them deeper which made room for a printer. Both sides have adjustable shelves at the top and file drawers at the bottom. The right side has a additional file drawers in the mid-section. On our file folder drawers, we do something very unique. We build the hanging mechanism into the drawers so there is no need for a bulky wire rack.

We also added a drink tray that can be used when the bed is in use, or as an extension to your work surface with the desk.

To use the bed, typically you would have to remove everything on the desk. But for this bed, everything can stay on the desk as long as it is 8 1/2" or lower. The desk will stay level as it transitions into the bed.

For more information on this or any of our other Murphy beds come by our showroom or visit us online.


WWBeds Custom Furniture

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR 72118


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