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Rod Sox Murphy Bed

Hey sports fans! Is it a locker or is it a bed? This Red Sox Murphy Bed is from our Locker Murphy Bed Series at WWBeds Custom Furniture. We took a full size bed and one bookcase to make it look like a series of lockers. The face of the murphy bed is divided it into three panels. The panels are separated with a piece of trim to extenuate the doors. This also helps the bookcase blend into the unit.

On each locker face, we put vent graphics on the top and bottom and numbered the locker sequentially,. There were also nameplates, which the customer got to choose the names. The logos on the lockers can be purchased from a lot of different sources (eBay, Flathead, etc.). Sometimes the customer will order and apply them on their own or we can handle that.

Looking at it closed, you really don't know which one is the bookcase and what doors make up the bed unless you actually try and see which opens. In this case, we put the bookcase on the left. Inside there are all adjustable shelves. We also have options for pull out drawers in the lower section.

To transition from locker room to bedroom is simple. The bed is really easy to operate. Pull on the handle and it is perfectly counter-balanced.

More on this bed or others like it visit our website or visit our showroom

WWBeds Custom Furniture

3524 Camp Robinson Road

North Little Rock, AR 72118


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