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New Yorker King Murphy Bed

The Craftsmen at WWBeds Custom Furniture completed this New Yorker style Murphy bed. It was finished in January 2018. The New Yorker is characterized by the arrangement of a "picture frame" molding on the false door face of the bed. Typically, the New Yorker has a fold-down desk, but this customer chose not to have one. Even without the desk, "folded up" it looks the same are the Desk version.

This is a king size murphy bed. It will take a standard 76 x 80 mattress. Even though its huge, the bed counterbalances itself to make it very lightweight and easy to open.

We adjusted the overall height of this bed. The header is a little bit taller than our normal look. We went ahead and extended it to 94" tall. Normal Queen/King height is 90 1/4". We custom built the bookcases to have more of the "built-in" look. The customer had a little over 110" of width to work with. We tried to accommodate their use of space by building the bookcases a custom width and putting a scribe molding on the outside edge. This allowed us to come fairly close to the wall (within a 1/2"), and close out that gap with supplied trim.

The Murphy Bed Bookcases are the full height of the bed, which by the way is 94" instead of the normal 90 1/4". Inside the bookcases, we added LED lights with a three stage touch sensor located in the back of the cabinet. Also on the bookcases, there is a drink tray which is perfect to use as a nightstand when the bed is being used.

More information on the New Yorker visit our New Yorker Murphy Bed page.

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