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Distressed Boat Bed

This is a boat bed that was custom designed for a customer in December 2017. They wanted a queen size version of our popular nautical theme boat bed. We took the design that we had for the twin and full and redesigned it to fit a 60 x 80 queen mattress.

The customer also wanted lights, so there are lights in the headboard with a push-button switch. They also wanted a distressed finish. Our finishing team came up with a grey base coat and used a glaze on top of that to give it the distressed look they wanted. To give it more of an old weathered look and to make it even more distressed, we added some wormholes and gouge marks.

Lift up the lid on the bow and we have storage. Perfect for for things like stuffed animals and toys. As a safety feature, we cut vent holes in the back so there will be proper ventilation. We also added lid supports to protect those little fingers from the lid accidentally shutting. On the bow, there are also two portholes on either side. We would normally put the portholes on the side rail but this customer wanted them on the bow.

For a second bed we added a trundle. It's a standard twin size trundle and take a 39 x 75 mattress.

For more on this boat bed check out web site or contact us at 501-753-9699.

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