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Thomas the Train Bunk

This very cool bunk bed that we competed in December 2017. ! It's Thomas the Train Bunk. Previously, we've built similar train beds in Percy the Train and Hogwarts themes.

The removable ladder can be positioned in a number of places places. It can be the foot and head on either side.

There's a lot of graphics work on this custom piece of furniture, the wheels, the numbers, the face, etc. To make the bed even more unique, we can customize the numbers and color to give so you get the specific look you want.

On the Hogwarts train bunk, we put a light on the front to act as a nightlight for the child. As you can see, we can customize this exactly the way you want it.

To see more like this, come by and see us at 3524 Camp Robinson Road in North Little Rock, Arkansas or on the web at

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