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King Templeton Murphy Bed

This Murphy Bed we just finished is called the Templeton, which is characterized by the four large mission or shaker style doors across the face. We continue the "mission" theme with the crown molding at the top.

This Murphy Bed takes a standard king size mattress (76 x 80). We made it even wider by adding 6-inch inset bookcases and 20-inch bookcases on each side. These 20-inch bookcases are what we call a "buffet style" bookcase. The top is set back slightly from the bottom,allowing you to have a writing surface. We added a drink tray, which can act as a nightstand when the bed is down. The bottom section has two file drawers. We have a unique way to build our file drawers where it incorporates the hanging file folders. There is no need to get the bulky wire racks to go in there. On the inset bookcases we put adjustable shelves and a removable panel to put your electrical cords through. There is also a compartment with a USB charger and two electrical outlets (we installed that on both inset bookcases.

To operate the bed, just pull on the handles. The bed is very lightweight and easy to open. Once you get the bed about halfway down, rotate the leg and take the bed the rest of the way. After you open the bed, you'll notice the inset bookcases. To close the bed and regain your space: lift the bed and rotate the leg back around.

For more information on this murphy bed see our Templeton page.

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