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Phillies Baseball Bed

This is a standard full/double sized baseball bed we just completed at WWBeds Custom Furniture. We added a lot of extra features on this bed. One of the standard features is the scoreboard headboard. Some time during the building process, the customer will fill out the Scoreboard Form choosing their team and score layout. Filling out the form is really easy to do. It is filled out the form online and it will be quickly transmitted to us. After our graphics guy does his magic, will turn around and send the customer a proof. Once we get their approval, we'll finish the graphics work.

Another standard feature on there is the baseball bats at the head of the bed. We top it with baseballs and also put them on the foot board.

This customer wanted some extras added to their bed. They wanted the bed to be in the Phillies colors so we did the Phillies red and blue. We have all the swatches for most teams in most sports. They also wanted to add a logo to the foot of the bed.

If you want more information on the baseball beds, be sure to check out our website or come check out our showroom at 3524 Camp Robinson Rd. in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

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