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Hunting Club Murphy Bed

We build furniture that is unique to every customer and this bed is certainly an example of that. There is no need for "cookie-cutter" furniture. This is a new Murphy Bed style we just completed. We don't have a name for it yet, but it has a craftsman look. We may just call it the Hunting Club Murphy Bed. This customer needed a unique bed for their hunting club cabin. Something to save space and tie into their hunting theme.

We took one or our popular styles and carved a squirrel into the center panel. For the pulls we added bronze bar-pulls on either side. For extra work space we added a stay-level desk (wouldn't suggest skinning game there). What is neat about the stay-level desk is that everything can stay on it as long as it's eight and a half inches or lower. As the desk transitions into the bed position, nothing on the desk will move. You can even keep your hot coffee on the desk. As the bed comes down, you'll notice in the video the lights come on automatically. As a safety feature we added a cut-off switch to the power that "kills" the power to the light when all closed up. We also installed a three-stage touch dimmer in the center of the headboards so the lights have a low, medium, high and off setting

The lights on the bookcases are controlled by another touch sensor connected to the right bookcase. We can design the layout of these bookcases in many configurations (drawers, doors, open, file drawers). For this one they are 18-inches wide. We built two drawers for the bottom, a pull-out drink tray in the center and adjustable shelves on the top. The bookcases are flushed with the front of the bed and we also made them the same height as the bed. Some of the other variations of bookcases you may see will have the bookcases lower and pushed back form the face (let one of our designers help you with your configuration). The drink tray mentioned can also be used as an extension to the stay-level desk. They are the perfect to extend your work area for extra papers, ammo, or duck calls. Again not recommended for cleaning game.

For more information, contact us at one of the following:

Phone: (501)753-9699



You can also come visit our showroom at 3524 Camp Robinson Road in North Little Rock, Arkansas.

Business Hours:

Monday - Saturday: 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

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