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A Contemporary Twist on Murphy Beds and Sofas: Redefining Comfort and Style

For the home office, Murphy beds and sofas just go together. A place to work and a place to kick back and relax. We've build hundreds of these over the year, but this one is a little different. We narrowed the arm and had them upholstered.

A tan sofa in front of a maple wood Murphy bed
Murphy beds and sofa

Custom Murphy bed and Sofa Fabric

Online shopping for furniture can often leave you feeling uncertain, especially when it comes to fabric choices. That's why we offer a personalized solution. We empower our customers to handpick their desired fabric locally and then have it sent to us. This not only ensures that you get precisely what you want but also adds an extra layer of customization to your experience.

New Sofa Arms

The distinctive feature of this sofa lies in its slender arms. We've ingeniously reduced their size by half, infusing the sofa with a modern, minimalist aesthetic. This change also allows us to slim down the vertical elements. These thicker vertical supports serve the purpose of creating a gap for the arms when the bed is in the upright position. It's a clever design choice that ensures the bed can fold seamlessly between the arms. Even if you have side cabinets, they won't interfere with the bed's operation.

Storage in the Sofa Base

When it comes to optimizing small spaces, we didn't stop at the arms. We've incorporated storage within the base of the sofa, adding functionality to your furniture. This hidden compartment is perfect for stashing linens, slim pillows, or any other items you'd like to keep conveniently close.

Wood and Color

For this exceptional Murphy bed-sofa hybrid, we chose Maple wood as the foundational material. We've left it unfinished, giving our customers the creative freedom to personalize the finish as they desire. Maple is known for its ability to absorb stains beautifully, and its closed grain pattern provides an excellent canvas for any paint finish you envision.

In summary, our Murphy bed-sofa with a new arm style is a testament to our commitment to innovation and personalization in furniture design. With a wide range of fabric choices, a chic slimline arm design, built-in storage, and the versatile beauty of Maple wood, this piece is as practical as it is stylish. It's the perfect addition to your home office, offering you a workspace that transforms effortlessly into a comfortable haven for your well-deserved relaxation.

For more information on this or any of our Murphy bed check out our site at:

WWBeds Custom Furniture


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