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Totally Customized Home Office Murphy Bed

When building your Home Office Murphy Bed, the key is to have it the way you want it. We did just that for this customer. We added a set of rolling drawers under the desk, a custom height side cabinet, two sets of outlets under the desk and even an outlet on the headboard.

Home Office Murphy bed with drawers under desk and short side cabinets
Custom Home Office Murphy Bed

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Home Office Rolling Desk Drawers

With the benefit of having the desk stay level and transitioning under the bed, comes the problem with having a the standard look and use of a "Pedestal Desk". Problem solved! We were able to put a drawer pedestal on casters that can be moved to the side when using the bed. All your drawers are there in hands reach when you need them.

Lowered Murphy bed Side Cabinet

We don't have to always go tall on the side cabinets. Sometimes with windows or other obstacles that just can not be accomplished. Since we hand craft each side cabinet, we can do what ever you want. What is even better is we provide a 3D rendering of the project before we get started. You'll be able to see exactly what you will be getting without a single board being cut.

Also in the cabinet is an added Printer pullout. Access your printer, change ink and paper with ease.

Outlets, Outlets and more Outlets

This bed has the plugs. Under the desk there is enough space for four 110v plugs and two Standard USB (that is two charging stations). The headboard has a slightly different outlet with one 110V plug, a Standard USB and a USB-C Fast Charge.

Bed Color and Wood

We use Maple wood for this project. We stained it a Dark Walnut stain and then topped it off with several coats of clear to protect the finish.


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