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Elevate Your Home Office Experience: A Deep Dive into Craftsmanship

Looking to add a touch of class to your home office? Feast your eyes on our latest creation – the Maple Wood Murphy Bed with Desk. It's not your run-of-the-mill furniture; it's a stylish addition crafted from top-notch Maple wood and treated with a slick dye coat stain. On top of the dye coat, we used an Ebony stain. A very similar option to this would be to do a Dark Walnut stain on Walnut wood.

Alpine Murphy Bed with Stay Level Desk featuring an Ebony dye coat finish
Style 121-1023b

Desk Dynamics: Effortless Transition

Say goodbye to the desk-clearing ritual before turning your workspace into a cozy bed haven. Our Murphy bed's desk is a pro, staying level as you switch from bed to desk mode. And guess what? It can hold things up to 8 1/2 inches tall without breaking a sweat. No spills here – even a full drink can sit pretty on the desk.

Outset Light: Ambient Illumination

Brighten up your surroundings with the Outset Light – a nifty feature that casts a warm glow over both your desk and bed. Take control with two touch switches – one conveniently located on the outside and another seamlessly integrated into the headboard.

Functional Extras: Bookcases and Pullout Tray

Want to add a bit of flair? Consider the optional 24-inch bookcases or side cabinets. They contribute to the 115-inch-wide setup, providing extra storage without cramping your style. Adjustable top shelves and a handy pullout tray below offer practicality, expanding your workspace or serving as a convenient spot for snacks when the bed's in use. The lower section of the bookcases have two standard drawers. These are perfect for storing your office supplies.

Maximizing Space: Dual-Function Magic

This Murphy bed isn't just furniture; it's a space-saving wizard. Seamlessly blend your workspace with your relaxation zone, making it ideal for those who want to balance style with functionality. One of the biggest pops of character on this unit is the lower and pushed back bookcases. This gives the Murphy Bed unit more dimension, helping it look not as large in a small space.

Ready to elevate your home office game? Dive into the details and customization options at Discover how the Maple Wood Murphy Bed with Desk can transform your workspace, striking the perfect balance between sophistication and laid-back vibes.


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