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How Does the Installation Process Differ for a Queen Murphy Wall Bed Compared to Regular Beds?

At WWBeds Custom Furniture, we understand that choosing the right bed for your space involves more than selecting a mattress size. Our Queen Murphy Wall Beds offer the perfect balance of functionality and style for those seeking a space-saving solution without compromising comfort. In this blog, we'll explore how the installation process for a Queen Murphy Wall Bed differs from regular beds, highlighting the unique features and considerations involved.

1. Space Optimization

The main benefit of a Queen Murphy Wall Bed is its capacity to optimize space efficiency. Unlike conventional beds that usually necessitate a designated area with sufficient clearance on all sides, a Murphy Wall Bed can be mounted flush against the wall, liberating valuable floor space when not in use. This space-saving design makes Queen Murphy Wall Beds ideal for smaller rooms, studio apartments, or multi-purpose spaces where every square inch matters.

2. Wall Mounting

One key difference in the installation process for a Queen Murphy Wall Bed is the method of attachment. While regular beds are typically freestanding and rely on a bed frame or box spring for support, Murphy Wall Beds are securely mounted to the wall using a robust anchoring system. Our expert installers carefully measure and align the bed to ensure a perfect fit, considering wall studs, baseboard trim, and floor levelness to achieve a seamless installation.

3. Mechanism Installation

Another unique aspect of installing a Queen Murphy Wall Bed is integrating the lifting mechanism. Unlike regular beds, which rely on manual lifting or hydraulic systems for adjustment, Murphy Wall Beds feature a sophisticated mechanism that allows for smooth and effortless operation. Our installers meticulously install and test the mechanism to ensure reliable performance and safety, considering factors such as weight distribution and clearance requirements.

4. Customization Options

At WWBeds Custom Furniture, we advocate for allowing our customers to personalize their Murphy Wall Bed according to their individual requirements and tastes. Whether your preference leans towards a classic or modern design, we offer many customization choices, encompassing wood types, finishes, hardware, and optional features like built-in shelving or lighting. Our skilled artisans collaborate closely with you to actualize your vision, guaranteeing that your Queen Murphy Wall Bed harmonizes flawlessly with your current decor while amplifying your space's practicality.

5. Professional Installation

Unlike regular beds, which the homeowner can often assemble using basic tools, installing a Queen Murphy Wall Bed requires professional expertise and precision. Our team of seasoned installers is adept at managing every aspect of the installation process, from wall mounting to mechanism setup, with meticulous care and attention to detail. We take pride in providing our customers a smooth and hassle-free experience, ensuring that your Queen Murphy Wall Bed is installed flawlessly on the initial attempt, enabling you to relish years of comfort and convenience.


The installation process for a Queen Murphy Wall Bed differs significantly from that of regular beds, offering unique advantages in terms of space optimization, wall mounting, mechanism installation, customization options, and professional expertise. At WWBeds Custom Furniture, our dedication lies in providing top-notch products and outstanding service to our clientele. We guarantee that your Queen Murphy Wall Bed is installed with precision and attention to detail. Explore our full range of Murphy Wall Beds and discover how to transform your space with style and functionality.


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