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Maximizing Space with Our Latest Murphy Bed Project

In the realm of innovative space-saving solutions, our recent Murphy bed project stands out as a testament to functional design and efficiency. We've successfully combined the utility of a concealed desk with the versatility of a Murphy bed, creating an ideal solution for home offices where optimizing floor space is crucial.

Red Chestnut Murphy Wall Bed with Inset Desk. Perfect for any home office that needs additional space.
Murphy Bed 138-1223

Desk Integration

The focal point of this project is the ingeniously concealed inset desk that seamlessly folds into the cabinet face. This dual-purpose furniture piece serves as both a comfortable workspace and a cozy sleeping area, making it perfect for multi-functional rooms. See the video at the end of this blog post for a demonstration on how this desk works!

Cabinet Features

The side cabinets, each with a width of 24 inches, are not just mere storage units. They are crafted for both practicality and aesthetics. Adjustable top shelves provide flexibility for organizing office essentials, while two bottom drawers with a convenient drink tray offer additional functionality.

Electrical Convenience

Understanding the modern lifestyle's demands, we've incorporated electrical outlets into each cabinet. This thoughtful addition enhances the convenience of our Murphy bed, allowing users to easily charge devices or connect electronic accessories without the hassle of extension cords.

Illuminating Touch

To cater to different lighting needs, outset lights have been strategically positioned over the desk. What sets these lights apart is their dual functionality – not only do they illuminate the workspace, but they can also be utilized when the bed is in use. Two touch plates, located on the headboard and the left cabinet's side, enable users to control the lights effortlessly.

Visit our Website

For those interested in bringing this innovative Murphy bed project into their homes, we invite you to explore our website. Navigate to the product page and request a quote for style 138-1223 to receive detailed information on customization options and pricing. You can also following this link to get a quick quote:

Our commitment to providing space-saving solutions remains unwavering, and this Murphy bed project with an integrated desk exemplifies our dedication to functional design. With adjustable features, electrical convenience, and versatile lighting options, it's more than just a piece of furniture – it's a lifestyle enhancement. Embrace the elegance of efficient living with our latest Murphy bed creation.


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