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Murphy Bed Sofa: Home Office Solution

Originally built for a few rooms in a hotel chain, this Marriott Murphy bed features the benefits of a Murphy bed plus a sofa.

Murphy bed and sofa
Home office Murphy bed with sofa

Incorporating a sofa into a Murphy bed setup can enhance the versatility of a home office. This arrangement provides both a comfortable seating area during the day and a cozy bed for the night.

Murphy Bed Sofa

At WWBeds, we offer a distinctive approach to delivering our Murphy Bed Sofas to our clients. Whether you're purchasing from us nationally or locally, we provide the option for customers to choose their fabric locally and send it to us. This allows them to personally assess the texture and quality of the fabric, ensuring it complements their decor seamlessly.

Furthermore, to enhance the storage capabilities of our sofas, we offer the choice of incorporating storage in the sofa's base. This additional feature provides practical storage solutions to meet your needs.

Murphy Bed Bookcases

We offer two types of Murphy Bed bookcases: our regular side cabinets and the distinctive "Buffett style" bookcases. The latter feature a deeper lower section compared to the upper section, providing unique functionality. In this specific example, these bookcases are designed to be space-efficient at just 12" in width, catering to customers with limited space.

The upper section of these bookcases is equipped with glass shelves, allowing LED lighting to beautifully accentuate each shelf. Meanwhile, the lower section features a convenient door, perfect for storing pillows or other linens. Above the door, there's a versatile drink tray that can be utilized in both the bed and sofa positions.

To make your experience even more convenient, we've incorporated built-in outlets for charging your phone, ensuring you're always connected and powered up.

Marriott Face

Most of our face designs can be used with the Sofa, but the Marriott has been a popular one. We almost always build a sofa with this style, even though the Marriott face can be used without a sofa. The Marriott face is characterized by 3" mitered molding on the face.

Wood and Color

In this particular project, the customer opted for Red Oak wood, finished with the exquisite Red Chestnut color from Minwax. To ensure durability and protection, we applied multiple layers of clear coat lacquer, safeguarding the wood's natural beauty.

Home Office Murphy Bed

This Murphy bed is an ideal choice for any home office. It efficiently maximizes space utilization, boasts an attractive style, stain, and design. When you're ready to receive a quote for a similar bed, please make note of this style number (#115-1023) and visit our "Request a Free Quote" page.


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