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The Barn Door Murphy Bed by WWBeds

Crafted with precision and designed for both aesthetic appeal and functionality, this unique creation is set to redefine your perception of custom Murphy beds. We used a Paint-grade Maple wood with a White Lacquer finish.

White Rustic Barn Door Murphy Bed with Stay Level Desk and Two Functional Bookcase Cabinets
Murphy Bed #1219-1123

Exquisite Craftsmanship: The Barn Door Murphy Bed showcases meticulous craftsmanship, with a barn door face adorned with grooves and a 4" trim, giving it an authentic rustic charm. What sets this apart is the customizable diagonal crossbar on the face, allowing us to tailor it to your individual preference.

Beyond Standard Dimensions: This Murphy bed breaks away from convention with its extra-long full size, extending 5" beyond the dimensions of a standard full or double bed. Accommodating a 54" wide by 80" long mattress, with a maximum thickness of 12", it seamlessly combines comfort with innovation. This is perfect if you have tall (or normal height) ceilings but do not have a lot of width on your wall.

Illuminating Design: Lighting takes center stage in our design philosophy. Integrated lights in both the bookcases and the bed create an ambiance that goes beyond the ordinary. The bed section features "Outset lights," strategically positioned outside the cabinet, enhancing aesthetics and serving as convenient reading lights in bed mode. Two touch sensors, one in desk mode and one on the headboard in bed mode, seamlessly control all lights.

Functional Side Cabinets: The 18" wide side cabinets are a testament to practicality and versatility. Adjustable shelves in the top section provide ample space for personalization, while a concealed mid-door section comes equipped with outlets, including a 110v plug, a standard USB, and a USB-C fast charge. A pullout tray below the mid-door section adds to the functionality, serving as a desk extension or a convenient drink tray in bed mode. The lower section has two file drawers. The great news? We build our own custom file drawers, so you do not have to look at a bulky wire hanging rack like you do on standard file cabinets. With the 17 7/8" D bookcases that are shown, you also get the option of using legal or standard file folders. While we did not add it on this specific unit, a printer pullout along with locks can be added to the bookcases.

For a closer look and more details on the Barn Door Murphy Bed, we invite you to explore our website: WWBeds - Barn Desk Murphy. At WWBeds, we believe in transforming spaces, and the Barn Door Murphy Bed is a testament to our commitment to craftsmanship, innovation, and practical design. Elevate your living space with a touch of rustic elegance and unparalleled functionality.

You can request a detailed quote through this link:

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