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The Templeton Murphy Bed: Where Simplicity Meets Elegance

Greetings from the heart of our workshop! We're thrilled to introduce our latest creation, the Templeton Murphy Bed, a true marvel of space-saving ingenuity. Headed to Neenah, Wisconsin, this masterpiece, identified by the style number 123-1123d, seamlessly combines sleek design with practical functionality.

Natural Maple Templeton Murphy Bed with Stay Level Desk and Two Bookcases
Murphy Bed 123-1123D

Sleek Design, Shaker-Style Elegance

The Templeton boasts a sleek design featuring four shaker-style panels on the front, embodying simplicity and elegance. This aesthetic touch ensures that the Templeton is not just a piece of furniture but a statement of refined taste.

Multi-Purpose Outset Lights

One of the standout features of the Templeton is its outset lights. Positioned strategically to overhang the desk, these lights serve a dual purpose, acting as both desk lighting and reading lights when the bed is in use. Seamlessly integrated with bookcase lights, they offer adjustable settings—low, high, and off—all controlled conveniently from the side of the bookcase when the desk is elevated.

Versatile Storage Solutions

The side cabinets of the Templeton are designed for maximum utility. The adjustable shelves in the upper section and soft-close technology in the mid-section doors exemplify our commitment to functionality. The lower section features a versatile pull-out tray, serving as both a work extension and a convenient drink tray when the bed is in use. Two file drawers beneath the tray, each equipped with a soft-close mechanism, provide ample storage for your essentials.

Sophisticated Desk Design

Pencil drawers on the desk come with a soft-close design, adding a touch of sophistication to the Templeton. The desk itself is a highlight, offering a practical space where items can be effortlessly left behind. Additionally, it incorporates a grommet hole for efficient wire management, allowing you to keep your space neat and organized. Under the desk, discover an outlet with a 110-volt plug and a standard USB port, conveniently situated for your modern lifestyle needs.

Effortless Operation

Opening and closing the Murphy bed is a breeze. Simply pull on the handles, rotate the leg, and gently lower it to the ground. For added convenience, the lights can also be managed using the controls located on the headboard, providing an alternative control option for a seamless experience.

For those eager to explore the details of the Templeton Murphy Bed, visit our website and refer to style number 123-1123d: Templeton Murphy Bed.

At WWBeds, we continue to redefine space-saving solutions, and the Templeton Murphy Bed is no exception. Elevate your living space with the perfect blend of style and functionality. Welcome the Templeton into your home and experience the art of intelligent design.

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