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Types of Lighting: Inset vs. Outset lights

Here at WWBeds we have two primary options for lighting on your Murphy Bed unit. The two options that we offer are the Inset and Outset Murphy Bed Lights. We use high-quality LED Puck Lights. They are warm-white lights so they are perfect for reading or working in your newly designed home office.

Inset Murphy Bed Lights

The LED Inset Lights are not visible when the bed is closed, preserving the clean aesthetic of your Murphy Bed. These lights offer three-stage touch dimming functions, allowing you to

select from low, medium, and high brightness settings. They also have a tilt-switch mechanism that automatically turns off the lights when the bed is in the raised position, ensuring both safety and energy efficiency.

Outset Murphy Bed Lights

The LED Outset Murphy Bed Lights are great because they can be used with both the bed and any of our desk options. You are able to eliminate a lamp taking up useful space on the desk surface. These lights remain visible even when the bed is closed, making them an attractive choice for those seeking a modern and functional lighting solution. Similar to the Inset Lights, the Outset Lights also offer three-stage touch dimming options, providing control over low, medium, and high illumination levels. However, it's important to note that the Outset Lights do not incorporate a tilt-switch feature. We do this so that you are able to use these lights even when the bed is closed.


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