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Unveiling the Versatile Alpine Murphy Bed: Style 121-1123

Welcome to the world of innovation and space-saving solutions! Today, we're excited to present our latest creation—the Alpine Murphy Bed in Style 121-1123. This unique piece seamlessly combines functionality and aesthetics, offering a versatile solution for those who appreciate smart design and efficient use of space.

White Alpine Murphy Bed with Pencil Drawer Stay Level Desk
Murphy Bed Style 121-1123

Design Highlights

The Alpine Murphy Bed distinguishes itself with a simple yet elegant four-panel face front design. We've paid meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that each element serves a purpose while contributing to the overall aesthetics of the piece.

Outset Lights and Desk Integration

One of the standout features of the Alpine is the integration of Outset lights that extend over the desk. These lights serve dual purposes, functioning as versatile reading lights in both desk and bed positions. The touch-sensitive controls on the bookcase side allow for easy adjustment of light intensity—low, high, or off—when the desk is raised. Additionally, a second switch on the headboard provides control while in bed.

Adjustable Glass Shelves and Smart Outlets

To complement the lighting, we've incorporated adjustable glass shelves that not only add to the visual appeal but also allow for gentle illumination through each shelf and within each compartment. On each side, you'll find outlets accommodating 110-volt plugs, USB, and USB-C fast charge, ensuring that your devices are always within reach.

Multi-Functional Desk

The stay level desk features soft-close pencil drawers, ensuring a quiet and smooth operation. It remains level, allowing items to be securely left on the desk even when the bed is in use. The incorporation of a grommet hole facilitates seamless wire management, maintaining a neat and organized appearance. Wires can be discreetly fed through the grommet hole, leading to an outlet under the desk with a 110-volt plug and a standard USB.

Effortless Operation

Opening the Murphy bed is a breeze—simply pull on the handles, rotate the leg, and lower it to the ground effortlessly. For added convenience, an alternative control for the lights is available on the headboard.

At WWBeds, we take pride in crafting custom Murphy beds that redefine the concept of space-saving furniture. The Alpine Murphy Bed in Style 121-1123 is a testament to our commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. For more details and to explore the features in-depth, visit our website and refer to Style Number 121-1123 at Transform your living space with the Alpine—where style meets functionality!

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