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What to Do When Choosing Between Horizontal and Vertical Murphy Bed and Sofa Combos

At WwBeds Custom Furniture, we understand that maximizing space while maintaining comfort and style is a priority for our customers. If you're deciding between horizontal and vertical Murphy bed with sofa combos, this blog is your guide to making an informed decision.


Understanding the Basics

Murphy beds with integrated sofas are a versatile choice for any space-conscious home. They effortlessly combine the functionality of a comfortable sofa with the convenience of a fold-out bed. The first step is to make you decide to grasp the fundamental differences between horizontal and vertical configurations.


Horizontal Murphy Bed and Sofa Combos

A horizontal Murphy bed and sofa combo unfolds along the horizontal axis. This means the bed extends outward, parallel to the ground. The sofa typically sits underneath the bed when it's not in use, creating a sleek and space-efficient design.


Vertical Murphy Bed and Sofa Combos

On the other hand, a vertical Murphy bed and sofa combo unfolds along the vertical axis, with the bed extending downward. In this configuration, the sofa often transforms into a chaise lounge or seating area when the bed is stowed away.


Consider Your Room Layout

The layout of your room plays a crucial role in determining whether a horizontal or vertical Murphy bed and sofa combo is the better fit. Consider the dimensions and shape of your space to ensure that the chosen configuration complements the existing layout.


Horizontal Murphy Beds

  • Ideal for rooms with lower ceilings or limited vertical space.

  • Fits well in rooms with a wider floor area.

  • Provides a seamless and low-profile look when the bed is folded up.

Vertical Murphy Beds

  • Suitable for rooms with ample vertical space.

  • Works well in rooms with a more constrained floor area.

  • Offers the advantage of a taller sofa back when the bed is stored, creating a distinct visual presence.


Assessing Room Functionality

The room's primary function will influence your choice between a horizontal or vertical Murphy bed and sofa combo. Consider how the room will be used daily and how the furniture will contribute to its functionality.

Horizontal Murphy Beds

  • Excellent for rooms that need a dual-purpose space, such as a home office or study.

  • Provides a seamless transition from a workspace to a comfortable sleeping area.

Vertical Murphy Beds

  • Ideal for guest rooms where the primary function is to provide a comfortable sleeping space.

  • Works well in studio apartments where maximizing floor space is essential.


Aesthetic Preferences

Your personal style and aesthetic preferences also play a significant role in decision-making. Each configuration offers a distinct look, and your choice will impact the room's overall visual appeal.

Horizontal Murphy Beds:

  • Creates a modern and horizontal visual line when the bed is folded up.

  • Offers a clean and contemporary appearance.

Vertical Murphy Beds

  • Provides a more traditional and vertical visual line when the bed is folded.

  • It can lend a classic and timeless aesthetic to the room.



Choosing between horizontal and vertical Murphy bed and sofa combos is a decision that depends on a variety of factors, including room layout, functionality, and personal style. At WWBeds Custom Furniture, we understand the importance of tailoring your furniture to suit your unique needs. Whether you opt for the space-saving elegance of a horizontal Murphy bed or the vertical sophistication of its counterpart, rest assured that your choice will be a seamless integration of form and function in your living space. Explore our customizable options and elevate your home with the perfect Murphy bed and sofa combination that suits your lifestyle.

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