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Baseball Loft Yankee Style 1

This is a Loft Bed that we just finished in September 2017. We like to call this the "Baseball Loft Style 1". We have two different styles that are slightly different. This style 1 is characterized by the ladder on the front and Style 2 will have a staircase leading up to the top.

The top is a twin size bed while the bottom is the wider full size. We inlayed an authentic Louisville Slugger bat in the foot-board of that lower bed and also we added a Yankee logo. We used baseballs for the post-caps. We continue the bat theme on the top bunk and used the authentic Louisville Slugger bats as the guard rails.

We also finished the bed in the Yankee colors: the Yankee blue, Yankee red and the white. We added lockers to the left side. Those lockers were numbered and vents added. We also purchased some logos to put on the doors.

Some additional features that we sometimes add to these is we will add a name plate to the lockers we'll also add a scoreboard head-board. The score layout can be exactly how the customers want it.

Inside the lockers, there are adjustable shelves with a hole cut out in the back, so you have access to the shelves from the full size bed. This way you could set an alarm clock or a drink on the shelves while you're sleeping.

Keep in mind we build this exactly the way you want it and can use whatever team colors you choose.

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