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Baseball Trundle Bed

This is a Baseball theme bed build by the team at WWBeds in September 2017. It is our popular Baseball Bed with a few changes. Like all of our baseball beds, it is characterized by the scoreboard headboard which is totally customized by the customer.

This customization includes selection of the team names, the score layout, the players name, stadium names, and the at bat number. All aspects of this headboard are controlled by what the customer desires.

In some cases, we've had some customers that have use a significant game as their score example. Maybe their first game they went to or world series .

Some of the changes that we made on this one that is different than our standard version is we put baseballs on all four posts (Sometimes at the headboard we'll put real Louisville slugger bats). We also put a logo on the footboard of the bed and a trundle was added. We raised the side rails up slightly, eliminated the need for a Box Spring and turned it into more of a platform bed. That gave us a little extra room underneath for the trundle.

The trundle is a standard twin size (39" x 75") with a maximum height of 8 inch.

For more information check out our website or our kids page at

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