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Folding Murphy bed and Folding Desk

We craft a variety of Murphy beds with desks, each with its unique style. Some remain flat and steady, while others cleverly fold up against the wall. Then there's the one we're particularly excited about – it folds down, virtually vanishing to liberate extra floor space. Imagine the possibilities! It's the perfect fit for a home gym or a vibrant kids' play area, offering more room to roam and play. But that's not all. Need a craft desk? With this Folding Murphy bed just pop up desk. Craving some space for lifting weights? Fold the desk back down, and it's as if it was never there.

White murphy bed with fold down desk, crown molding and side bookcases.
Murphy bed with Folding Desk

Bookcase | Side Cabinets

Now, let's talk about the Bookcase and Side Cabinets. These beauties are 20 inches wide, and they come with a nifty central section with doors, not to mention a pair of standard drawers. And here's the exciting part – we've added a convenient charging station in the middle, perfect for powering up your phone or any other gadget.

Folding Murphy Bed Crown and Base

We've adorned both the bed and the bookcases with our Standard Murphy Bed Crown, giving them a touch of elegance. To make things even more intriguing, we've cleverly set the bookcases back by 1 inch, creating a delightful crown flair. The base at the bottom is no slouch either, featuring our Standard Base Molding

This bed is perfect for the Home office, play area or home gym. If you need one for your space, just let us know. If you like the feature of this one, refer to style number 143-1023. You can see more like this on our website at


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